Transform your business through custom software solutions.

Our world is in the middle of a digital transformation. Digital is no longer a tool for life, it is deeply embedded in how we live, interact and work. Smart businesses understand the importance of finding digital solutions to maximise their efficiency and ability to deliver. And so do we. We are a team of IT and engineering consultants who provide Project Management services and bespoke software solutions to the Private and Public sector.

Our strength lies in the way we employ the principles of enterprise architecture into all we do. From analysis to design to planning to implementation, we work in partnership with you to provide the right solution, quickly and cost effectively. By building partnerships based on respect, integrity and a shared desire to enable success, we deliver turnkey IT solutions that make a real difference to your business.

We are a Level 1 BEE company that believes in the future of our African continent and in the power of smart, digital solutions to drive and support that future.

Our solutions include

  • Digital Transformation
  • Infrastructure Modernisation
  • Upskilling and Skilling Assessment
  • Project Management and Agile Facilitation
  • Software Development
  • IT Consulting
  • Resource Augmentation

Our Offerings

You learn how to cut down trees by cutting them down. ~ Bateke proverb

We bring our combined experience and knowledge to every project.

Our Competitive Edge

Learning expands great souls ~ Namibian proverb

Hungry for knowledge; we listen, we learn, we impart.


Who we are and what we stand for

  • We are a team of young, forward thinking professionals with larger than life dreams.
  • We believe that there is always a better, smarter, faster way to do things, and we’re the ones who can find it.
  • We’re uncomfortable with comfort zones and are always stretching our capabilities.
  • We have an “all in” attitude and are committed to finding smart, efficient solutions that keep our clients satisfied.
  • Technology never stands still and so we never stop keeping pace with technological advancements.
  • We aim to leave a legacy on the planet through our mentorship programmes and investment in the youth of the country.