The benefits of cloud architecture are substantial now that the risks are being lowered as a result of increased cyber security efforts. More and more enterprises are looking to benefit from the cost effectiveness, agility, speed and flexibility of the cloud. We are able to guide you in comparing the features and benefits of the various Cloud platforms and Cloud providers and assist you with the appropriate Cloud strategy, architecture and platform, suited to your business.


AI & Machine

If you have used Siri, Alexa or live chats in websites, you have made use of AI technology either knowingly or unknowingly. There is much value to be gained from a business perspective in terms of customer service and robotics to analytics and marketing. Companies will continue to use AI to surprise, connect, and communicate with their customers in ways they may not even appreciate or realize. This includes faster, cheaper, and smarter automation of everything from emails and content generation to industrial manufacturing. We are able to work with you to analyse and determine where AI could fit into your business processes.


of Things

The IoT refers to the interaction between applications and devices via the internet with no human intervention. Companies are increasingly looking to benefit from connecting devices to pass on data through to the company so as to incentivize and reward their clients, thus providing a better value offering. Companies need to strike while the ‘iron is hot’ and we are able to consult to you to provide you with solutions that can leapfrog your company ahead of your competitors.



There are currently 7.6 billion smartphones on the planet. The digital revolution is underway. For companies wanting to take advantage of this digital wave, they have to get on the Digital bandwagon, before their competitors do. Working together with Internet of Things, AI, Cloud computing and Blockchain, Digital transformation of your business can be the determining factor whether your company stay ahead of the pack. We have experts that can assist in developing a holistic Digital strategy for you and subsequently provide the implementation strategy. The window of opportunity is now.



Blockchain is what we call “computing of the future” that has been made popular by Bitcoin, the digital crypto currency that is taking the world by storm. Gartner shows that as of February 2017, Blockchain was the second top search term on its website, increasing 400% in just 12 months. It is expected that 20% of trade finance will use Blockchain by 2020 and whilst the financial sector is spearheading it’s use, it wont be long before other sectors like Healthcare, Hospitality and Retail jump onto the bandwagon. Now is the time to start planning on making use of this powerful tool and our in house experts are able to assist you in this regard.

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